May 25, 2018



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Do you love music? Are you into karaoke? Do you want to transform your home or bar into a fun music scene? Believe it or not, you can use Google Home the next time you and your friends want to karaoke, dance, and party to some great music. There are so many great Google Home commands and features for music lovers that will make your next karaoke party truly sing.

YouTube Music

Want to enjoy singing out to your favourite pop or rock tunes but can’t find the karaoke version? No fear! Just tell Google Home to find the song for you on YouTube. How do you do this? Simply say, “OK Google, play Savage Garden I Want You Karaoke”, and Google Home will find the right karaoke version video on YouTube. The best part? As long as the YouTube video is free to watch, you can enjoy nearly limitless karaoke versions of your favourite tunes without spending a dime!

Multi-room Karaoke

With Google Home you don’t have to limit your karaoke to one room. Broadcast music to multiple rooms in your home or business. This can easily be done by using the “Create Group” function if you have multiple speakers in your residence. Create a group and save. Now you can ask Google Home to play the music throughout the house. Just ask, “OK Google, play We Will Rock You by Queen Karaoke”. The music will play simultaneously, meaning that you and your friends can sing full blast with you even if you are in different rooms.


If you have Google Home, you have to have Chromecast. You can use this inexpensive device to send videos to your television. Ask Google Home to play a YouTube karaoke video by saying, “OK Google, play I will Survive Karaoke on [name of Chromecast account].” The video will play instantly on your TV for quick karaoke fun.

Forget About Forgetting the Song

One of the best music functions of Google Home is its unique ability to identify a song. Only know a few lyrics of a tune? Then ask Google Home about it. Simply say, “OK Google, play that song that goes ‘Like rain on your wedding day.’” The assistant will find the song with those lyrics. You can also simply ask Google Home about a song that you are listening to by saying, “OK Google, what song is this?” Even better, you can sing into a Google Home and the device will figure out which song you are singing. This is great when you are and your friends want to enjoy karaoke to a favourite tune but can’t seem to find it. Let Google Home do the heavy lifting for you.

Just for Fun

Besides enjoying karaoke via Chromecast or YouTube, have fun with other music entertainment commands. For example, Song Pop is a fun “name that tune” type of game that you can enjoy. Just ask Google Home, “OK Google, Start Song Pop” and the assistant will begin to play the game with you and your friends.

Whether you are entertaining a house full of people or are a happening karaoke bar, enjoy the benefits of Google Home, a smart device perfect for the party!

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