May 19, 2017



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Styling for karaoke isn’t easy. Should you be dressing as you would for a bar? Or should you go for a more upmarket look? The truth is that, it depends on the occasion. Karaoke has become so widespread these days. It happens at parties, pubs, private booths and even restaurants, sometimes. So, your decision about what to wear depends on where you’re going. If you’re heading to a place with a casual vibe, then women’s sneakers are totally fine (and they have the bonus of being comfortable). Here, we share some tips for styling sneakers, helping you to look cool, yet effortless.

1. The shirt dress

Are you heading out to sing some tunes on a warm, summery night? There’s probably no better solution than a shirt dress and a pair of women’s sneakers. For a really classic look, go for a blue-and-white striped dress (we’re talking vertical stripes) and white shoes. The light colours will make sure you stand out, even if your karaoke session takes place in a private, shadowy booth. Should your shirt feel a bit shapeless, add a belt for definition.

2. Ankle-length ripped jeans and an over-sized jumper

If the weather is on the cooler side, then go for ripped skinny jeans and an over-sized knit jumper. With women’s sneakers, jeans cropped at the ankle are a great match. Also, black jeans can be striking paired with white-soled black sneakers. This option gives you the freedom to choose a knit of pretty much any colour. Your choice will probably depend on your mood. If you want everyone to notice you when you’re on stage, go for something bright. If you’re shy, then a darker shade might work better. Alternatively, you can substitute the jumper with a horizontally-striped tee and a chunky knit cardigan.

3. Boyfriend jeans and a blazer

There’s something cool yet casual about combining a blazer and a pair of women’s sneakers. Add your favourite boyfriend jeans and it’s hard to imagine an outfit that could make you feel better at a karaoke session. The blazer will give you some confidence on stage (think of how many female rock stars have worn blazers – there are stacks of them), but the other elements of your outfit will make sure you’re not looking too formal or over-dressed.

4. Slip dress

Are you going somewhere a little bit fancy? Dress up a pair of women’s sneakers, without compromising your comfort, by throwing on a slip dress. Find something long and a bit over-sized. Again, whether you go for a dark, plain colour or a bold, bright shade will depend on how much attention you want to draw! A time-tested look that can’t really fail is a black slip with a pair of white women’s sneakers. That said, there are some patterned slip dresses on the market right now that are just stunning.

What are your favourite karaoke styles? How do you dress up – or dress down – your favourite pair of women’s sneakers? We’d love to hear from you.

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