October 13, 2014



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It’s the office Christmas Party and the social committee have decided a night out doing karaoke will be a great team bonding experience? Or maybe your close friend with the great voice has decided to show off by organising her birthday party at the local karaoke place? Perhaps you’re on a night out with mates and happened to walk past a karaoke bar and thought, “that sounds like a great idea”! Whatever the reason, karaoke is a great way to have some fun, release your inhibitions and laugh the night away with friends and colleagues.

The big night arrives, and you’re ready to go. You submit your song request, down a few quick drinks to pluck up a little Dutch courage, then the DJ announces you’re up. You fight your natural instincts and get off your seat, grab the microphone, look at the crowd knowing all of them are hoping you make a fool of yourself, then cast your eyes to the screen.

What happens next is up to you. You can go into your shell, whisper out your lines as you die inside for the duration of the song, or you can channel your inner Rockstar and put on the kind of performance your friends and colleagues will be talking about for months.

Which one are you going to choose? If you want to be considered a karaoke legend, we’ve got a few tips and tricks so you look more like Joe Cocker and less like Joe Hockey!

Learn a few popular songs

The best way to ease any nerves before your public singing debut is to learn the words to a few of your favourite popular songs. This covers a couple of issues, firstly you’ll be a little less nervous as you approach the stage, and secondly you’ll have a song or two up your sleeve if anyone sings your first choice song before you.

Choose a song you have an emotional connection to

What do you hear every judge on every singing talent TV show tell the contestants? Choose a song you have an emotional connection with. If it’s good enough for ‘The Voice’, it’s good enough for you.

Try not to pick a slow ballad

As already mentioned it’s a good idea to pick a song you’re emotionally connected to, but don’t pick a song that will make you burst into tears after singing the first line! And with the house pumping after a couple of classic rick numbers, the last thing the crowd wants to hear is ‘I Knew I Loved You’ by Savage Garden!

Remember to breath

This is meant to be fun, so as you’re walking to the stage take a couple of deep breaths. Don’t puff your cheeks out like you’re psyching yourself up for the Olympic Games 100m Final, but just take your time and be calm.

Don’t worry about being a great singer

Guess what? You’re probably not a great singer. And guess what else? You’re not alone. Almost everyone else in the room won’t be great either, but that’s not what it’s about is it? It’s about having fun, so loosen up and just go with it.

Don’t get plastered

Have a few drinks for sure if you want to relax and take the edge off, but getting completely off your face is not going to help. There’s no doubt your performance would be memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. Stay in control.

Get the crowd involved

Once you start getting into your song, think about getting the crowd involved. The best performers in the world are great at using crowd participation to enhance their own performance, so point the microphone at them during the chorus, or get a friend up for a duet. They’re bound to get involved and help you out.

Dance like no one is watching

Stage presence is everything! Some of the best performers in the world are average singers, but they sure no how to put on a show. Look at stars like Pink and Adam Levine, they are super fit and can perform non-stop all night (get fit!). Heck, even Mick Jagger can still put on a high-energy show with the best of them and he’s in his 70’s! You only have to do one song, so give it all you’ve got!

Make eye contact with the crowd

You’ve probably picked the song because you know it, so take your eyes away from the screen and look at the crowd. Share that moment with your friends, who are probably on the dance floor supporting you, or maybe even make eye contact with that cute guy or girl you’ve noticed across the room!

Have fun!

No one ever boos or heckles people singing in a karaoke bar, and on the odd occasion it does happen, they’re generally shot down pretty quickly. So don’t worry about anything, have some fun with it, ham it up, enjoy the moment. You’re out with friends, you’re all going to get up and sing, so support each other and it will guarantee a fantastic night with memories that will last a long, long time.