September 23, 2014



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Waking up in the morning after a night of drinking can feel as if you’ve just had a marching band play heavy metal in your brain, which is why drinking responsibly is important. I remember my friend buying a beer bong for new years eve celebrations a few years back and there was a warning label on the beer bong saying ‘drink responsibly’ with a list of precautions. Thank god. Luckily I read that label, otherwise I would’ve ‘bonged’ a bottle of vodka.

The label comes in good timing too as many will participate in ‘Ocsober’, but have we misunderstood the meaning of ‘Ocsober’? It is to be sober, right? You can still have a few? Fortunately for the person that does drink responsibly, you can enjoy a few responsible $5 coronas and pure blondes between 5PM and 8:30PM at Boss Karaoke & Bar and STILL be sober and not have an empty wallet. You can also sing some epic karaoke and hopefully outdo this guy.

For those who do participate in ‘Ocsober’, some herbal goodness and detoxification might be your best bet to achieve your goals and look and feel amazing!

Get behind the Ocsober initiative today!